Moonlight Villas: Residential Innovator of High Standing in Ciudad Quesada @

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Avda de Salvador, La Mata, 31, Ciudad Quesada, Alicante Spain
  €340,000 - Villa
127 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms

Is proud to present this great opportunity to fulfill your dream of living in a design home. 7 independent luxury villas, 6 of them with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and the seventh 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. All of them designed, built, and decorated by the innovative Spanish company Investurismo, these villas represent the type of housing of the future. Equipped with a private pool, parking and garden, they offer you and your family the perfect home in a superb location. MOONLIGHT VILLAS is located next to a landscape of a peculiar and uncommon beauty: The Natural Park and salt lakes of La Mata, Torrevieja. The
Moonlight Residential Villas has an excellent design that stands out in a distinctive, innovative and high standing in a constructive art façade system. It has a passable flat roof which is accessed via a staircase that is hidden behind the outer inclined facade from which one can enjoy spectacular views of the Parque Natural de la Mata and Laguna. It has carried out a project design, interior as everything is designed to detail for your comfort and enjoyment. In addition, our technical team will study and decoration suggestions in case you need to reform the distribution or want other finishes, fixtures, etc … All plots have pool and separate areas for different uses: garden, pedestrian and vehicle access , etc.
Prices from 340,000 euros

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